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When losing is a GOOD thing

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fit for hiking

This morning I did something I haven’t done in 18 months – at least. I stepped on the bathroom scale.

It’d needed new batteries for the same amount of time, but I hadn’t got new ones. I didn’t want to see the number.

It has become increasing obvious that my weight has been creeping up though. With all the hiking I do, I still struggle up hills. I’m knackered afterwards. It certainly doesn’t stop me – or hold me back – but I cant help feel that it would be a lot easier and more enjoyable if I wasn’t carrying so much weight. It’s run through my head so many times how us hikers obsess over how much weight is in our packs – when I’m carrying so much extra weight to begin with.

So why now? Because I needed to draw a line in the sand. I needed to face up to the number. I needed to do something. Hoping that it would magically ‘sort itself out’ hasn’t worked.

Now that I know, what am I committing to?

  1. I’m committing to getting more movement in my everyday life. Even when I can’t get out for a hike, I can still do other things to get moving. I’m diarising 5 ‘movement’ days a week.
  2. I’m committing to changing my diet. Overall it’s not the worst diet you’d ever come across – but there are definitely some changes I can make right now.

So there you go. Here’s my ‘line in the sand’, and from here it’s onwards and upwards! I’ll share my wins (and losses) along the way – and hopefully inspire others as I head towards my ultimate goal – being fit for hiking.


Bio: Sam Cook loves hiking the trails close to her home in Geelong, Victoria. Whether it’s the Surf Coast Walk, the You Yangs, the Great Ocean Walk, or any of the other many walks available, she’s out there as often as possible, and through her blog ‘I Heart Hiking’ hopes to encourage others to do the same.   She also has a strong social conscience, and in 2016 will be bringing a brand new and exciting event to the Surf Coast, with a big portion being given back to the local community. To find out more about this event, or connect with Sam, you can reach her at

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