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What happened? LIFE happened!

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A little over a week ago I was full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to set (and kick) goals, and even my runkeeper app loved me (how do I know? because I got an email to say well done, and that ‘they’ believed in me! So cool).

Fast forward to today. I feel flat, nauseous and totally out for the count with a stomach bug. And to top it off I’ve only done short walks around my local area for about 10 days. My nutrition has also suffered.

So what happened?


Last week I worked about 50 hours – along with looking after a 3 year old, and keeping a house somewhat together, it has been enough to just ‘be’. This week has started off much the same.

And what am I going to do?

Well firstly I’m going to take a step back and get over this stomach bug. To allow my body to recover. And I’ll do a bit more reading and research on the web. Then (hopefully by the weekend), I’m going to get back out on a trail somewhere. I’ll clear my head, take deep breaths of fresh air, and focus on the moment, and how GREAT It’ll feel to be back out there.

And even my Runkeeper app will be happy:-)

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