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Werribee Gorge: Top 5

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What do normal people do on a public holiday? I don’t think it’s get up at 5am and start working…but that’s exactly what I did!

Why? So I could get some things done then head off nice and early to Werribee Gorge.

I’ve written about this piece of hikers paradise before (and it even features in my e-book) – the 10km circuit walk (leaving from Miekels Point picnic area) is about my all time fave walk. It has everything – stunning views, some rock hopping, some decent climbs, and the feeling of being away from it all (even on a Public Holiday like Australia Day). BUT – it also gets incredibly hot there – which is why I wanted to head off early.

So – I want to share my Top 5 reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Werribee Gorge (and I think you need to go there ASAP).

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  1. Miekels Point Picnic Area to Quarry Carpark: THE hill. OK so hills aren’t usually on my favourites list, but this one is great. It pretty much slams you as soon as you leave the toilet area – and it keeps going and going and going! I think I can assume that us hikers aren’t in it because its an ‘easy’ hobby to have – if we wanted an easy pastime we’d take up something that we could do sitting down for a start! Well this hill is sure to test most people. Every time I do it, with calves burning, chest heaving, I have a good hard think about my mental health at wanting to do this for fun. But you know what – when you hit the top you know you’ve earned whatever comes next, and the feeling of accomplishment is just great.
  2. The first 40(ish) minutes: Up & Up. Once again, feeling like your continuously climbing for 40 minutes isn’t usually on my top list of fun things to do. But you know what’s great? You get a great workout – and get the hard stuff out of the way early. Then it’s onto the fun stuff – the incredible views, the rock hopping (with cable – more to come on that!), and the walk along the river.
  3. The Lookouts. When you bushwalk here, you’re really in for a treat at the lookouts! From sweeping views across the hills as far as the highway, to the deep drops down into the gorge and along the river – I always find it hard to keep going (instead of stopping every metre to take photos, then plonking down to enjoy a rest and taking it all in). My advice: don’t rush through these parts – they need to be savoured.
  4. The River. This hiking trail takes you along the river. When you’re this up close and personal you can’t help but get lost in the serenity of the running water and beautiful gorge views. As it meanders along the river, even when the trail is busy (such as today), you only see glimpses of other people every now and again – which adds to the ‘away from it all’ feeling. Plus – towards the end you’re treated to 2 ‘beach’ areas – it’s impossible for me to keep walking (especially at Needles Beach) without stopping to take it in (and get some more pics).
  5. The Cable. I really love all of the rock hopping on this bushwalk. I enjoy being able to use my upper body to lift myself up and over huge rocks, and forging a path across the smaller rocks. BUT – my favourite part by far is the cliff face where they’ve installed some cable to help you get around it. I don’t find it too difficult (because of the cable) – but it’s super fun! This walk is listed as medium – and the rock areas (including the part with the cable) would definitely contribute to that rating.

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So there you have it – these are the reasons that I LOVE Werribee Gorge – and will continue to go back again and again.


Do you want to know more about Werribee Gorge – and other hikes within easy reach of Geelong?  Then request an e-book from me – just email me (Sam) at and I’ll send it through.

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