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Update: When Losing is a GOOD Thing

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In a previous post I spoke about my commitment to getting healthier and dropping some weight.

So – how am I going?

After speaking with a trusted professional, I’ve measured myself as well as weighed myself so that I can measure my progress (further details on this can be found here).

I’ve also had some fun experimenting with some new recipes (plus some old fave’s) from Sarah Wilson’s book ‘I Quit Sugar for Life‘ (adapted to be vegetarian).  Plus I also raided my recipe drawer – I had so many in there I’d forgotten about.

I’m thrilled to report that the scales and my measurements are going down.  Has it all been smooth sailing?  In a word, no.  I got sick.  I went back to work, got tired, got hungry, and hadn’t been to the supermarket.  Old habits snuck in.

But that’s OK.

This is a long term plan for me, so small setbacks are mere blips on the radar.  I’ve realised my trigger points: being hungry and not having stuff in the fridge already (so going for an quick and easy option), and group situations.

What am I doing about my trigger points?  Wherever possible I’m doing a big grocery shop and either pre-cooking in bulk (so it’s ready to go when the hunger pangs come), and when in group situations I’ll try to eat before I go (or take my own).  Then – even if I do indulge in what others are eating, I’ll automatically eat less as I won’t be hungry to begin with.

Or…when I eat something I know isn’t the best option for me – I cut myself a break. No point feeling bad – I just enjoy the moment and move on.

And the biggest thing I’ve done this week towards my goal?  I’ve set the alarm early each day and gone for a walk (you can see from the photo above that it’s a great time of day to walk!).  I feel so much better for it (and have been sleeping very well!).

If anyone has any tips or advice they’d like to share to help me along…please do as I’d love to hear from you!


Bio: Sam Cook loves bushwalking on the trails close to her home in Geelong, Victoria. Whether it’s the Surf Coast Walk, the You Yangs, the Great Ocean Walk, or any of the other many walks available, she’s out there as often as possible, and through her blog ‘I Heart Hiking’ hopes to encourage others to do the same.   She also has a strong social conscience, and in 2016 will be bringing a brand new and exciting event to the Surf Coast, with a big portion being given back to the local community. To find out more about this event, or connect with Sam, you can reach her at hithere@samlcook.com.au.

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