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Top of Australia – Mt Kosciuszko

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Mt Kosciuszko Summit

I wrote my notes for this post literally on the side of a mountain. We’d called it quits on Day 1 near Muellers Peak (which we’d just climbed).

The day had been a great start to our 3 day hike on the Main Range Track (with some extra side trips) at Mt Kosciuszko National Park.

Our decision to hike in Australia more (before heading overseas) ended in deciding to conquer the biggest mountain here!  Why not, right?

We’d decided to start at the top of the chairlift (the walk to that point was listed as ‘demanding’), which seemed to be what everyone else also did. After the obligatory ‘selfies’ at the top of the chairlift we headed up the main track to the peak of Australia’s highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko.

Mt Kosciuszko

Heading up to the Peak

It was quite a warm day already as we made our way up past the Kosciuszko lookout, before dropping our (already heavy) bags for the final section to the top.

Mt Kosciuszko Summit

Mt Kosciuszko Summit

As expected there were a lot of other people at the peak – but I was surprised to have FULL MOBILE SIGNAL!! Being with one of the crappier companies, Im used to not having signal, so it was pretty exciting (cue: quick call to mum to say we’d made it to the top! She asked for a photo to prove it. Thanks mum). I was also surprised by the amount of crows up there – they seemed to cover any part of the ground without people on it. We then had a quick snack before heading back down to our packs.

hiking in australia

Bag Drop Off Number 1

We then wandered (mostly downhill) along the Main Range track for a while before stopping at the section of track overlooking Lake Albina. There are various types of track here, this one (with black plastic) was very common.

Mt Kosciuszko main range track

Main Range Track

Mt Kosciuszko main range track

Looking down onto Lake Albina

As you can see, it was a gorgeous spot to stop for a while. So gorgeous in fact that a short stop quickly turned into 40 minutes! After we started again we come across 2 girls walking together towards us, and when we got chatting we realised we’d missed our turnoff to Mt Townsend (our intended stop for Day 1).

Heading back the way we’d come, between the 4 of us we worked out where Muellers Peak was, then eventually got to where Mt Townsend was (over the back of Muellers Peak). There is no track here at all that any of us could see. The next day of our hike we heard that there are tin cans showing the way, but none of us saw them!

Half way up Muellers Peak we once again dumped off our bags (it is very deceiving – just as you thought you were at the top of it you’d see more to go!), we decided to head back down towards the track for our first night.

It felt great to set up camp, have some dinner, and enjoy the isolation, fresh mountain air, and breathtaking views.

Mt Kosciuszko main range track

Day 1 Camping Spot

Until about 10pm when the ‘slightly dodgy’ clouds bought heavy rain, wind, thunder & lightening. For about 10 minutes I was feeling a bit iffy about the storm…but it quickly passed.

Total Distance (and trail details): Thredbo chairlift to Muellers Peak via Mt Kosciuszko summit. Approx 13/14km

Highlights: Being at the top of Australia (and ringing my mum!) was pretty cool! Also, the egg (and bacon) rolls before we got on the chairlift – WOW!

Lowlights: Our packs – WAY TOO HEAVY!! We both carried all our water we’d need for the 3 days as we couldn’t find much information on water available along the way. In hindsight we didn’t need to do this as there was a lot of water available.

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