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Three People: Massive Impact – Pedro

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I’m now onto my final post in this series – this time I’m sharing the story of Pedro.

Pedro represents the modern man in Mazateca – one who is working in conjunction with women like Maribel and Cleo, to make huge changes in these communities.

Coming from a family of 10 (9 boys and 1 girl), Pedro told of how his mother Artemia had her first child at 14. Artemia is well known by followers of The Hunger Project Mexico (THP), as her photo has appeared on their Facebook page. It was also Artemia who happily opened up her home to some of our group when it was needed at the last minute.

Pedro told us that he had been involved with THP from the first moment they arrived 5 years ago. At first though, he had a bit of distrust, and spoke of how he was wondering ‘what do they want from me?’

He said that the biggest moment for him was when the electricity project was finished. It was also the moment that left no doubt in his mind that THP were simply there to help his community.

First off he was a catalyst (and active member in his community, working closely with THP), and now he’s taken the next step and is a member of staff. When asked about his proudest moment, Pedro said that he was proud of all the achievements along the way: the stoves, water, and bringing electricity to his community. He also admitted (in his shy way) that he is very proud – proud of himself, and also for being part of the THP team.

I’ve loved bringing you the stories of these 3 amazing people who are making big waves in Mexico as valued members of THP staff.

Their ability to rise above their circumstances and work tirelessly towards ending hunger and poverty, and empowering the local people to improve their lives (and those of future generations) is something I’ll never forget, and I hope that you too have learnt from them.

For the other posts go to: Post 1 (Cleo), and Post 2 (Maribel).

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