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The Difference 2 Years Can Make

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Two years ago today (I know this because Facebook told me), I left my corporate job.

Two years ago today I was a very different person.

Two years ago today I hadn’t had a decent night sleep in about 3 years. I was in the strong and sweeping current of a marriage separation (and all the ickyness that comes with it). I was seconds away from a complete meltdown at any given time.

Like, when I saw a good friend in the street near where we worked, and she bounded up to me with a huge grin on her face and said “hi”. And I burst into tears.

I knew something had to change. I knew I had to change. I knew that I had to change back to the person I once was. I knew that I could change back to the person I once was.

I knew for sure that better days were coming.

So, I left my corporate job. I turned my back on a job I really liked. A boss that I liked working with. An income that afforded us a nice lifestyle.

And I put myself first. I knew that if I were ok, then I would be a better mum, friend and contributing member of my community. I worked really hard to find myself again. To find out what I loved doing, and what was important to me.

The tide turned when I started hiking again. A lot. I’ve previously written about it here.

Once I was on my way to being me again, I felt happy (even if the moments were few and far between to begin with), and other things began to fall into place.

I found out who my real friends were. I found out how much my family loved and supported me (even if I wasn’t always open to that love and support).

I met new people – people that also loved hiking. People that love getting out there, taking life by the horns and giving it a good old go.

People that have given me the confidence, encouragement, and the will to go on and do big things.

Things like giving back. Things like giving my time and effort to worthy causes. Things that will help me make a difference in this world, in whatever small way I can.

So, here I am. Two years after leaving my corporate job. I’ve hiked in California.  I’ve hiked the Great Ocean Walk.  I’ve hiked in Mexico.  I’ve hiked any trail within easy reach of Geelong. Many times.

Big changes have happened….but there’s so much more to come. Starting with this. And this.


Bio: Sam Cook loves hiking the trails close to her home in Geelong, Victoria. Whether it’s the Surf Coast Walk, the You Yangs, the Great Ocean Walk, or any of the other many walks available, she’s out there as often as possible, and through her blog ‘I Heart Hiking’ hopes to encourage others to do the same.   She also has a strong social conscience, and in 2016 will be bringing a brand new and exciting event to the Surf Coast, with a big portion being given back to the local community. To find out more about this event, or connect with Sam, you can reach her at

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