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Leadership…and Hiking

Standard, July 12, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
hiking mexico

Hey…remember when I trekked into the remote community in Mexico to check out the great work that The Hunger Project have been doing there? A big part of my involvement was going on a self discovery journey, and unlocking my leadership skills (who would’ve thought little old me would be standing up at the Australian […]

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Day Hike / Bushwalk Giving Back - Fundraising Multi-Day Hike / Bushwalk Uncategorized

Hiking, Bushwalking & Exploring: What’s Next?

Standard, February 10, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
geelong melbourne

When I first started this blog about 18 months ago, it was really just a way to share my hiking stories with others. I’ve always loved writing (I always kept a diary growing up, plus English and English Literature were my favourite subjects at school), and it seemed like the perfect way to share my […]

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Day Hike / Bushwalk Giving Back - Fundraising Hiking / Bushwalking Essentials

Hiking / Bushwalking – first Geelong, then Mexico!

Standard, October 10, 2015, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments

September saw SPRING hit Victoria with a BANG!!  We’ve had some gorgeous days…bright blue clear skies, and warmer temperatures… I’ve been struggling to get out hiking due to illness and injury, but at every chance I’ve had I’ve done it…here’s some of my fave snaps of what I got up to in September (in case […]

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