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Leadership…and Hiking

Standard, July 12, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
hiking mexico

Hey…remember when I trekked into the remote community in Mexico to check out the great work that The Hunger Project have been doing there? A big part of my involvement was going on a self discovery journey, and unlocking my leadership skills (who would’ve thought little old me would be standing up at the Australian […]

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Hiking / Bushwalking Essentials

Feeling Blah But Can’t Hike?

Standard, July 10, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
Hiking Great ocean Road

You can’t turn sideways on the Internet lately without yet another article about how great hiking (and getting outside) is for your mental health – and health overall. Which is all well and good, and something I happen to wholeheartedly agree with – BUT – what happens when you have those times that you can’t […]

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Hiking / Bushwalking Essentials

The Emotional Benefits of Hiking

Standard, May 18, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
bushwalking victoria

There has been a lot written about the benefits of hiking (and walking). It’s not just the physical benefits either. There can also be fantastic emotional and psychological benefits. I have also written about the positive benefits that hiking has had for me – here and here are two examples. This past week has seen […]

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