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Day Hike / Bushwalk

Inspiration vs Reality & Perspective

Standard, February 4, 2017, samlcook, 0 Views 2 Comments
hiking bushwalking

I’m just back from a walk and I feel AWESOME!! I sat up on my fave rock for a while, enjoying the early morning serenity, then I walked the trail around the rock – total distance 1km. Yep – that’s right, it’s not a typo – 1km. For someone that did two overnight hikes only […]

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Hiking / Bushwalking Essentials

Feeling Blah But Can’t Hike?

Standard, July 10, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
Hiking Great ocean Road

You can’t turn sideways on the Internet lately without yet another article about how great hiking (and getting outside) is for your mental health – and health overall. Which is all well and good, and something I happen to wholeheartedly agree with – BUT – what happens when you have those times that you can’t […]

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Day Hike / Bushwalk

I Heart Otway’s (again)

Standard, April 3, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 1 Comment
great ocean road hiking

This morning saw me up and out early, and back to the Otway’s (for the 3rd Sunday in a row…). Last week, as we were leaving, we saw a sign… …and I’ve been thinking about it all week! So…I just HAD to check it out. I parked at Distillery Creek picnic ground (just inland from […]

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Day Hike / Bushwalk

I Heart The Otways

Standard, March 20, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 1 Comment
bushwalking great ocean road

I was ready for a new challenge today, and wanted to see somewhere new. So…after a quick spot of Internet surfing, I found Currawong Falls in the Otway’s (near Aireys Inlet). Aireys Inlet is along the world famous Great Ocean Road. Split Point lighthouse (at Aireys Inlet) is a popular end point of the Surf […]

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