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Day Hike / Bushwalk

The You Yangs – Variety & Fun

Standard, February 14, 2017, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
Flinders Peak

How great was the weather yesterday? Beautiful blue skies and sunshine, but without that intense heat we’ve had lately, made for perfect hiking weather. The past week I’ve been up to the You Yangs a few times – a mixture of school starting, a new job that I don’t start until tomorrow, and an old […]

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Giving Back - Fundraising

The Difference 2 Years Can Make

Standard, January 4, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments

Two years ago today (I know this because Facebook told me), I left my corporate job. Two years ago today I was a very different person. Two years ago today I hadn’t had a decent night sleep in about 3 years. I was in the strong and sweeping current of a marriage separation (and all […]

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