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Mt Kilimanjaro – Not Once, Not Twice, but Three Times

Standard, February 2, 2016, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments

‘When I was 120 pounds heavier, I would have settled for standing in the cold comfort of an open refrigerator, searching for something to saturate what I was feeling at that moment: happy, sad, fearful, lonely, anything. I’d even clink through the condiment shelf, seeing if there were any maraschino cherries left. I’d eat anything […]

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Day Hike / Bushwalk

My Bucket List Hikes – Victoria

Standard, June 22, 2015, samlcook, 0 Views 0 Comments
hiking in victoria

Image courtesy of “FiveMileBeachCamp” by Kauos There’s always a lot of talk about Bucket Lists (or Wish Lists) – and why not? By having goals, we have something to work towards, and something to dream about when the weather is rubbish, or you’re stuck inside working.  Or – you know those days (or weeks) that […]

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