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Stairs, wobbly legs & sandy feet

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bells beach

I’m keen to add some more variety into my hikes….so today I took on these:

bells beach

Stairs – Part 1

bells beach

Stairs – Part 2

Where are they?  Bells Beach (along the Great Ocean Road). These stairs are so massive that it took 2 photos to get them all in!

The first few times I ran up the stairs like it was no problem….by the 5th time I was trying my hardest not to lose track of counting so I wouldn’t actually do more than 10 by mistake, by the 7th time my legs were shaking, by the 8th time I didn’t love it anymore, the 9th time is a bit hazy – I’ll call it focus, and the 10th time I gave it everything!

It was then onto my 40 minute (approx. 3k) hike –which involved a few up and down hills…but I did get to look back at what I’d just done, (and feel more than a bit pleased with myself). My legs were still a bit shaky, so I was very happy I’d worn my compression tights (High 5 to me for that foresight!).

great ocean road

In all their glory

At this time of year it’s a bit tricky to find anywhere on the beach in Victoria (let alone World Famous Bells Beach!) without swarms of people, but I did manage to find a small patch of sand to take off my shoes and enjoy some lovely stretches with an ocean view.

great ocean road

A quiet spot for some stretching

Then it was another round of stairs to get back to my car (my legs were like ‘seriously?’).

I’ve been doing lots of hiking recently – short hikes, long hikes, up hills & down hills – but it was great to add some variety in there…and tackling these stairs was the perfect way to do it!

Stairs 0 – Sam 1

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