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Spotlight on….my backpack

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My trusty backpack. This thing is so well travelled, and has been such an important part of all of my trips for over 12 years now – that it deserves its own post.

multi day hiking

Here’s a brief rundown on where it’s been:

  • USA – California, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada
  • UK
  • Europe – Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Hungary….and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but you get the idea…
  • Indonesia
  • Various parts of Australia
  • Africa – unfortunately it wasn’t me that took it there, but it went on a 30 day safari

All of this PLUS a couple of multi day hikes. Out on the hiking trail I used it to carry EVERYTHING I needed…..Mt Kosciuszko and Mt Washington…and it still didn’t let me down (though I wasn’t loving it so much fully loaded on day 1 of Mt Kosciuszko haha).

hiking australia

You can see why I love it so much. I’ve seen it thrown onto luggage carousel’s by airport staff, I’ve dropped it, thrown it, and generally not treated it that well…and still it has no rips or too many signs of wear.  And I haven’t even mentioned the zip off day pack on the front of it – the perfect size for carry on luggage, or a day pack when hiking (it even fits a water bladder in the internal front pocket!).

When I bought it (even 12 years ago) it was about a $500 investment – but as you can see from the above – it was an item well worth investing in, a true example of ‘you get what you pay for’.  Yes, there are new ‘fancy’ backpacks out there, with lots of new features – but while mine is still in such good shape, and suits my needs – I won’t be upgrading it anytime soon!

What’s next for my trusty backback? Possibly a multi day hike on the Great Ocean Road….then onto Mexico in October!

What about you? Do you have a piece of equipment, or something that you use when you are out enjoying the outdoors, hiking, or travelling that you COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT?

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