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‘One day’ is now – let’s go!

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hiking great ocean road

I’ve been thinking of starting this blog for a while – so why today?

Today seemed like the perfect time to start as I achieved something I haven’t done for a long time (since Summer Camp in 2003!) – and that’s walk 15.3km.

I hiked along the beautiful Surf Coast walk from Bird Rock (Jan Juc), almost to Pt Addis (and back).  This walk is near the start of the Great Ocean Road, so even if you haven’t been there in person, I’m sure you’re aware of how beautiful it is.  For about 2 hours I didn’t see anyone else, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking huge breaths of fresh air, and living in the moment.  There are a few small hills, but it’s mostly either breathtaking coastal or bush scenery.

I’ve only recently got back into hiking.  It came about when I was getting some counselling for some tough times I was going through.  The counsellor asked me what was something I used to love doing, that I didn’t do anymore.

Without even thinking I said hiking.

And from there it’s been off and on for about a year.  Recently though, it seems like the more I do it, the more I want!  I even went the day after I got back from my holiday a few weeks ago.  Our flight was delayed for 18 hours (not fun with a 3 year old), but still I couldn’t wait to get back on that trail.

Where to from here?  I’m keen to get out and explore as much as possible.  I live right near a national park with some great trails, plus I’m off on a 4 day adventure in about 5 weeks, so there’ll be a lot of opportunities.

Until next time.

Update:  It’s now the day after – no aching legs yippee!!  A couple of small blisters but that’s it.

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