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Countdown: 9 Weeks

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I’ve just done the maths. It’s roughly nine weeks to go till I (and the ever-growing group of others) take on a 40km in 1 day hike along the Surf Coast Walk.

A nasty flu has had me out of action for almost 2 weeks, so this makes me nervous. I need to get moving.

This will be the most I’ve ever walked in 1 day. While I know I can do it, by preparing as well as possible, I know I’ll enjoy it so much more if I’m not hurting (too much).

While I’m by no means a fitness professional**, I know what’s worked for me in the past – so I’ll do that again, just on a bigger scale this time.  Also, what I do now, will set me up even better for the Spring Hiking Retreats that I’m leading.

It’s important to note at this point, that I have a good base to work from – I’ve been hiking consistently for a couple of years now.

What will I do?

1. Increase kilometres

Recently I did a 22km hike, so I’ll keep increasing this over the next few weeks. I’ll do at least a 30km walk at some point over the next 9 weeks, and if time allows I’d really like to try the 40km track that we’ll be walking. As that’ll involve a lot more time and admin (and relying on someone to pick me up at the end!), I’m not sure it’ll happen.

2. Include hills

My least favourite thing to do in a workout (apart from burpee’s), but I keep doing them as often as possible in the hope that one day they won’t suck as much (ever the optimist!).

Please do me a favour – if you see me huffing and puffing up a hill, don’t carry me. No matter how nicely I ask (beg)!

3. Mix it up

There’s a new training session being held by Bang Fitness on a Monday night. I’ve only been once because of that nasty flu, but it was a great session that worked my core and legs – both crucial for a more enjoying hiking experience.

Next week I’m back into it! I’ve been promised lots of fun…I’m not sure our ideas of fun are the same? But that’s the point really – to push myself and take myself out of my comfort zone, right?

OK…9 weeks to go – let’s do this!!



Are you UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? If you’d like to join us on this hike, please email me (Sam) on  But be quick – as we are almost at the maximum amount of people that we can have come along.

** Please consult your doctor and a fitness professional prior to starting any new exercise routine.

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