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My Bucket List Hikes – Victoria

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hiking in victoria

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There’s always a lot of talk about Bucket Lists (or Wish Lists) – and why not?

By having goals, we have something to work towards, and something to dream about when the weather is rubbish, or you’re stuck inside working.  Or – you know those days (or weeks) that just turn to crap?  Whip out your Bucket List for an instant refresh and dose of positivity!

So, here’s mine – I have more than one list (of course – I am the master list maker after all!), but I’ll start close to home: Victoria.

hiking in victoria

  1. Wilsons Promontory Located at the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, it boasts spectacular scenery of huge granite mountains, open forest, rainforest, sweeping beaches and coastlines – enough said really?  With so many different hikes on offer (from a few hours to a few days), the only problem will be deciding which trail to hike!
  2. The Great Ocean Walk – Ryan’s Den to Twelve Apostles*  Last October I hiked the first 4 days of the Great Ocean Walk (it’s as great as you think it’ll be! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4) – and I’m not one to leave a job partially done…
  3. Grampians It’s made up of a series of rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests rich in wildlife, and offers a vast choice of walking tracks past cascading waterfalls, brilliant wildflower displays, and panoramic views from it’s many lookouts.  There’s also lots of variety here, from short walks to longer hikes.  With some great walks leaving from Hall’s Gap town centre it’s also very easy access to the trails.

What about you?  Do you have a hiking bucket list?  I’d love it if you’d share! (even though it’ll probably result in me wanting to hike those same trails – i.e. adding to my list!).



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