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Leave your excuses (and assumptions) at the door

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Picture this: I love Hiking, being active, and I eat lots of healthy foods. I have a passion for helping other people get their butts outside, get active, and hiking the amazing hiking trails that are out there for all of us to enjoy.

If you haven’t met me before, right now you probably think you have a pretty clear picture of what I look like. Maybe you think I’m:

  • A certain size
  • Age
  • And you may also assume that I think nothing of hiking ‘a quick 30 k’s’ before breakfast (before doing even more in the afternoon) – with a full pack on my back.

Why do you think I’m assuming this? Because I have also (wrongly) assumed things about other people.



Back in October I walked the Great Ocean Walk for 4 days (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4).

Waiting in my car before meeting the others in my group, I was scared and nervous. What made me nervous? Was it the 70+ km that I was about to walk over the next 4 days? Nope. I knew I’d be ok with that. I was scared and nervous that the other members of my group would all be:

  • Super-freakishly-fit, and
  • Young (or the type of older people that defy all age related assumptions)

And that I wouldn’t fit in. That I would somehow hold them back.

I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this.

I was totally wrong in what I assumed about the other members of my group.

We were all fitness levels, ages, sizes, and many of us had excuses we could’ve used to not be there. We all had times when we were zooming along the hiking trail, and times where we just focussed on ‘one foot in front of the other’.

But we all had certain things in common:

A love of getting outside and wanting to explore the beautiful hiking trails available to us. And not letting excuses prevent us from doing just that. And there was also a general consensus that hills suck.

I could list all the excuses that I have. But the facts are that I’m overweight, and not as physically fit or strong as I could (and should) be. Even though I’ve spent most of my working life managing other people’s time, sometimes I find it hard to manage my time to fit in even a quick walk.

But do I let any of this get in my way? Nope. Do I use any of it as an excuse not to do something I love, or from wanting to bring others along with me to also enjoy? No way.

I keep going. I keep trying to be the best that I can. Today. And when it gets tough I try a bit harder.

I also have an insatiable desire to get out there and explore (by foot). I have an extremely long ‘I will hike one day’ list. Since the Great Ocean Walk I’ve also hiked the Kosciuszko Main Range Walk – 50km’s over 3 days (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). With a massive pack on my back. Was it easy? Not always. But I put in the extra effort where I needed to, and kept going.  One foot in front of the other.

I also keep going on my quest to live healthier. To drop this excess weight. To be physically stronger. Not because of any reason other than it will make doing what I love easier and even more enjoyable.

I make changes where I can, to keep trying to reach my goal of where I’d like to be. To be an example to others of what can be done if you keep trying.


I Heart Hiking – and I’m guessing you do too?  How about joining us on our weekend retreat – staying in Apollo Bay, and hiking along the world famous Great Ocean Walk – in May 2015? We have a great group already assembled, so why not join us in a fun and supportive environment?

For further information email: (warning: the photos will make you want to be there right now).  Further trips soon to be announced – to keep up to date with what’s happening pop through an email to be added to the mailing list.

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