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Keep Australia Beautiful – How We Can All Help

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While wandering along the hiking trails it’s not uncommon for me to see rubbish that others have left behind. I’d give it a dirty look, wonder who would think that was ok, and keep walking.

BUT while out with someone else recently, when we saw some rubbish she bent down and picked it up. She put it in her bag to throw out later.

While this might seem simple, I’ll admit that it wasn’t something I’d ever thought of doing! I’d thought that it was a problem bigger than me. Someone else’s issue, ie the people who’d left it there.

But this got me thinking. What if every time I head out hiking, I pick up a few pieces of rubbish?

So today I did just that. And there are now a few less pieces of rubbish on the East-West hiking track at the You Yangs.

While I can’t change the actions of others, it feels good to know I did something positive to help. That I made a small difference. That I will continue to make a difference as I continue to do this every time I head out hiking.

Who’s with me?


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