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I Heart Hiking in Autumn – 3 Reasons it’s my favourite Season to Hike

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In Victoria, once Autumn hits there’s a distinct change of weather – the nights and mornings and crisp and cool, the days can be gloriously sunny, with blue skies that seemingly go on forever.

So why is Autumn my favourite season to hike?

  1. No Crowds

If I go out alone I have the space and solitude to clear my head, take it all in, and relish the silence (except for the background noises that nature provides). If I go out hiking with a friend, or in a group, we can enjoy all that the trail has to offer – without feeling like we are hiking on top of a whole bunch of other people.

  1. Snakes (lack of)

I should say here, I’m no snake expert. But I have it in my head that it’s too cold for them now. That they have found somewhere warm to doze off. If you know something to the contrary, kindly keep it to yourself (thank-you).

  1. No too hot

Anytime it gets over about 25 degrees I conk out. Hiking is not fun for me then. I love jumping out of my car, shivering in the crisp air, then getting moving quickly and warming up.


What about you – what is your favourite Season to hike, and why?


I Heart Hiking – and seeing as though you’re here – I’m guessing you do too?  While I’m out on the trails in Autumn & Winter I’m also planning our next Group Trips for Spring.  Spring comes a close second for my favourite Season to hike.  It’s the perfect time to peel off the layers, and get back outside after feeling like you’ve been locked up inside forever.  Nature comes alive, with amazing displays of flowers, and warmer weather once again.  If you’d like to hear about our upcoming trips first, email  Sam at

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