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Exercising With Kids – How You CAN Find The Time

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On my About Page I talk about the first time I got out for a hike after my son was born. How refreshed and energised it made me feel.  How it nourished my soul.

But now I’d like to go back even further. A couple of weeks after he was born…

Early Days

I knew I wasn’t able to do much, but I really wanted to get outside and go for a walk. The first time I made it around the block. A walk that usually took about 15 minutes took me nearly 40 minutes. I felt exhausted and sore. But happy. And Master L slept the whole way. Each time I’d go a bit further, and before too long I was walking 45-60 minutes most days.

Some days we’d even go out twice.

It was nearing Winter by this time. The mornings were icy. Sometimes it was so foggy that I couldn’t see more than a metre in front of me. But it was GREAT! I’d wrap Master L up, add a few blankets, hat, mittens (this was all on top of a singlet and onesie – plus maybe a jumper), and we’d get outside for some fresh morning air. I’d time it so he’d have a full belly, and he’d always sleep the whole time. For a baby that was unsettled, and awake A LOT, this was a godsend for both of us. Plus, the more I walked, the better I felt – physically and emotionally.

Keeping It Up – and Building On It

Once he got a bit older we joined a Mother’s Group. Us mums would meet at a local café once or twice a week (and eat cake!). One of the other mums and I would walk there – it was about an hour and a half round trip – and we’d chat non-stop along the way. I also joined a local group of other mums that met weekly for a walk. For someone that hadn’t lived in the area long, and hadn’t met many people due to working in the City before then, I relished meeting other local mums to have a chat and go for a walk.

Before I got pregnant I’d been running a lot. Once I felt up to it I started to run again. By then I’d need to make sure the pram was well stocked with snacks and water, but we’d have a great time – especially when I’d run around a local lake with lots of birds to look at. We also went in a few fun runs – once again, as long as I had enough snacks and water all was good! It was a great way to spend time together, and also be doing something that was good for us. He loved being around all the action and excitement.

Now – New Traditions & Having Fun

This year we completed our second Mother’s Day Classic walk with other members of our family. We’ve started a new tradition – and it’s a lovely way to spend time with our loved ones, and to help raise money for a good cause.

great ocean road hiking

Lately we’ve been rugging up and heading down the beach.  I’ll do stair runs, and intervals, while he runs alongside me, times me, or digs in the sand.  It adds variety to my exercise routine, helps get me fitter and stronger for hiking, and we get to have fun together doing something that’s good for us!

Your Turn

What about you? I’d love to hear of other ways that people incorporate their kid/s into their walks – especially hiking, as this is something I haven’t started with my son yet (and hope to soon).

**Please note:  This is a Blog post about my personal experiences, which I’m sharing in the hope of inspiring others to get outside and get healthy. Please see your doctor (and any other relevant trained medical or fitness professional) for advice on your personal circumstances before starting any new exercise.


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