Multi-Day Hike / Bushwalk Weekend Retreat

Great house + hiking + massage + yummy food = Weekend Bliss!

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great ocean road retreat

I set off for Apollo Bay nice and early yesterday. I loved cruising along the back highway, enjoying the scenery and having a good old sing along. Driving along the winding roads, with the tall trees and vivid green valleys, made me feel so relaxed before I even got there.

When I arrived it was drizzly, grey and cool – hello Summer! Hiking in Victoria can be anything from 40 degree baking heat – to rain, hail and wind (sometimes in the same hour!), so I had come prepared for most of those conditions.

I parked at the house I’ll be arranging for the weekend retreat (more on that later), then set off on my hike.

Leaving Apollo Bay, heading towards Marengo, I was tempted to walk along the beach with my shoes off – but I stuck to the Great Ocean Walk path for the most part, wanting to see how far I could get in the time I had.

great ocean road

After leaving Marengo I was happy to find the solitude I was hoping for (but wasn’t quite sure I’d get at this busy time of year). The path is above the beach, with hills on the other side. This part of the path is mainly dirt, with some rocky areas, and was really flat, so it made for easy and enjoyable walking.

great ocean road

great ocean walk track

When it was time to come back I headed down onto the beach, took my shoes off and went hopping over the rock pools and through the sand. If you ever want to check how fast you are capable of running – walk really close to the waters edge (with long pants on that you don’t want to get wet) and not take much notice of the waves coming in!  Coming back into Apollo Bay town centre you walk past the marina – looking at these clouds I’m very surprised I didn’t get rained on.

great ocean road

All up it was about 12.5km by the time I got back to the house.

The house itself is about 3 minutes walk from the pub, shops and the beach …with a day spa in between, with plenty of parking and a great feel to it. Cosy, with a great meals/lounge area, and an open fire, after a day’s hiking it’ll be perfect for a small group to gather round for a meal and a chat. It also had lovely spot to set up a quiet (and private) massage area – yes please!  This pretty much sums up my idea of weekend bliss!


I Heart Hiking – and I’m guessing you do too?  Do you also love massages & healthy gourmet food? Then you’ll also love our weekend retreat – staying in Apollo Bay, and hiking along the world famous Great Ocean Walk – in May 2015. For further information email: (warning: the photos will make you want to be there right now)

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