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Day Hikes – Essential Pack Items

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day hikes

day hikes

Over the years (and traveling with different people), I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 2 types of travelers.

Those that pack at least 6 weeks in advance for a trip (*raises hand*). Lists are made, shopping for items to take away begins, and piles start forming in the designated corner of a room. These people are often hiding this for fear of being laughed at.

And those that pack hours (or minutes!) before walking out the door – a flurry of activity, with items flying around the room and somehow making it into the bag. These people often spend considerable amounts of time laughing at Type 1 people, but still somehow manage to pack all the things they need. Or they don’t. Type 2 people typically don’t really care about the small details like lack of clean socks!

I’ve also found that the same rules apply to hikers. Whether it be a 2 hour ramble around your local area, or a full day or overnight hike.  Some people obsess over what to take in their packs, while others chuck a few things in and hope for the best.

Regardless of the type of hiker (or traveller) that you are, a packing list can be a handy way to pack your stuff – and make it a safer and more enjoyable hiking experience overall. Whether or not you extensively scour over it, ticking off all the items as you pack them – or glance at it casually – a list is an easy way to make sure you have what you need.

Day Hike Packing List

This list is for Day Hiking with a group, and one that I’ve put together to send to my Weekend Hiking Retreat attendees. Hopefully you’ll also find it useful.

A few important things to note:

  • First aid items vary considerably depending on whether or not you are hiking with someone with a more comprehensive first aid kit
  • The amount of water that you need varies considerably depending on whether or not you will have access to fresh water (or are also taking a filter/purification tablets)
  • The amount of food you need varies per person. While hiking I prefer high snacks like protein bars, lollies, chocolate and nuts. Whatever you take must be able to withstand being in a backpack all day (which is why fruit – unless dried – isn’t a great option).
  • If you take regular medication, or have allergies, you must take the medication and an Epi-Pen or antihistamine with you. Also before heading out you should tell the group leader (or your fellow hikers) about these medications or allergies, with instructions on what to look for and action to take if you need help.

What about you – do you have other items you’d add to this list?


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