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Day 4 – Hills, hills, and some more hills

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great ocean road

This was by far the trickiest day for me – lots of hills (some seemed to go on FOREVER), the down parts were very steep, and the up parts just kept on going! I kept thinking that it was 90% sheer determination to finish, and only 10% physical on this day, and if there was ever a time I wished I’d done more training/lost weight/taken a spa weekend break instead – this was it! I was knackered!

great ocean walk

The start of the day when we were coming out of Johanna was once again magnificent scenery – we were cutting through beautifully lush green hills (lots of looking back again!), before entering into farmland and along some residential roads.

great ocean road

We stopped for morning tea (coffee and a few handfuls of lollies!) on the edge of a vacant beach (except for hikers) before a tough couple of hours going up up up some really steep and LONG hills. Can’t say I enjoyed these one bit – but as a group we were still able to have a laugh at how much they sucked, and looking back it’s a great feeling to know I just kept going. It was then on to the clifftops – and once again looking back at where we’d come over the last 3 days – it really was amazing how far it we’d come – and all by foot. Yay us. I have to say that Ryan’s Den was a bit of a non-descript place to finish, but it felt so good. It was then another tough uphill slog to the road and our transport, and to the official finish of our 70km’s of walking the truly magnificent and justifiably famous Great Ocean Road.


Realising that the smaller hills I would’ve said were long and tricky a few days ago, were actually pretty easy to power up today.

The views – just when you thought they couldn’t get any better…

Finishing – it was a tough day mentally, and I was tired.


Did I mention there were some realllyyyy long and steep hills?

Finishing – realising it was over and done with, and time to say goodbye to the group.


Johanna Beach to Ryan’s Den – approx 15km

Next day:

I was happy that I had no soreness, just an all over tired feeling. I was just feeling so pumped and positive, and loving sharing the photos and memories with others in the group.

Take aways:

I was nervous about being in close confines with people I didn’t know, but we quickly bonded and had lots of laughs. Some said that they weren’t sure what hurt more – their legs hurt from walking, or their sides from laughing – and that summed it up perfectly.

It was great to only to have to focus on one thing each day – I spend so much time in my ‘normal life’ rushing from here to there with a never-ending to-do list. Being able to fully commit to just one thing each day felt great. And getting away from everyday stresses and pressures left me with a really clear head and positive attitude that seems everlasting.

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  • Reply Matt Jolley November 23, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Wonderful words Sam, even when you have trekked it a number of times it’s easy to forget the little things that happen along the way. Really glad you enjoyed your Great Ocean Walk experience

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