Multi-Day Hike / Bushwalk

Day 3 – Magnificent campgrounds, secluded beaches and rain forests

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great ocean road

Starting at the magnificent Aire River campground (shhh don’t tell anyone how good it is here – part of the appeal is the lack of crowds), we headed upwards almost straight away.

We stayed together as a group for a while today, sharing lots of laughs and enjoying the views. Soon after leaving Aire River we stopped to look back over the empty beaches before we went up and down some small (but sometimes fairly steep) hills. It really was the day to make sure we kept looking back where we’d come from, and some of the hills we’d come up! We were also treated to some dramatic overhanging rocks on the other side of the track – the type that I’d expect to see in Central Australia, not the South East coastline! (the greenery gave it away though).

great ocean road scenery


great ocean walk scenery


The scenery changed soon again as we were winding through some quiet rain forests, and along boardwalks (stopping to clean our boots at the designated areas), before a sudden and step walk down to the famous Johanna beach. The tide was low, so it was the perfect spot to stop off with some lunch on the beach before continuing along the beach for the final couple of kilometres up to the carpark where we finished the day.

great ocean road


Taking off my shoes and walking barefoot along the beach.

All the laughs we had as I was walking along the beach with one of my group members.


It was a warm day and my feet swelled up making my shoes feel tight – -making the walk along the beach even better!


Aire River to Johanna Beach – approx 15km

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