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Day 2 – Dipping our toes in and out of the crowds

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This day was longer kilometres’s wise, but flatter, so I found it a much easier walk, and had a good pace going for most of the day. There was lots of time to stop and take it all in.


After enjoying some time alone to have my morning cuppa (would it be possible not to be relaxed with this view?), there’s some water to jump across (I was happy to find out that my shoes dry quickly!  yay for Merrell shoes!), and then lots of stairs leading back up from the beach.

Today we started seeing some of the same people on the trail – all of them were carrying packs and camping – I almost felt bad telling them that last night we’d had a lovely dinner (NOT re-hydrated food), a warm shower and comfy bed.

great ocean walk

It was also the day of contrasts – we had lush rainforests to begin with, then farmland (I envied a herd of cows that had arguably the best view in all of Australia).  After that we were walking alongside the road coming into Cape Otway Lighthouse, then along some small paths on the cliff tops, and finally down into Aire River campground (which I almost don’t want to talk about because one of the main reasons it’s so great is the lack of crowds…).

Great ocean walk


I walked alone most of the day – which meant I could enjoy listening to the sounds around me, and really take in my surroundings.

The magnum ice cream at the lighthouse!


The crowds in the carpark at the Lighthouse – after I’d found a great spot to sit and enjoy my lunch in the sun I was moved on so they could accommodate more cars (or maybe it was because I’d taken my shoes and socks off?!).

Last 45 minutes – I was tired and couldn’t wait to finish!


Blanket Bay to Aire River via Cape Otway lighthouse (with a 2km detour to Rainbow falls). Approx 22km

Extra side-trip: After the lighthouse there’s an option to walk along the beach to Rainbow Waterfalls.  The actual waterfalls aren’t too much, but it was great to get down on the beach and see the trail from down on the beach, and to walk along the sand.  Coming back up over the sand dune from the beach was pretty funny – the sand was so soft that for every step forward you’d fall back half a step!


Loved Day 2 – I found it much easier walking a flatter (but longer) trail.  It was a nice day of contrasts from being alone, to the overflowing carpark at the lighthouse, then together with my group again.

Don’t miss: (as I did with the first version of this post 🙂 ) the beautiful cemetery just after the lighthouse.  Take a moment to stop and reflect on the lives (and deaths) of the people laid to rest here, including the tragic loss of the small baby of the lighthouse keeper, and those lost in shipwrecks.

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    Quite a climb up to the light house, such diverse land scape compared with further along the great ocean road.

    • Reply samcook76 November 20, 2014 at 2:37 am

      We didn’t actually climb up the lighthouse itself, but Im sure it’d be great! Yes it’s so diverse – so many changes each day from hour to hour!

  • Reply My Bucket List Hikes - Victoria - I Heart Hiking June 29, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    […] the first 4 days of the Great Ocean Walk (it’s as great as you think it’ll be! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4) – and I’m not one to leave a job partially […]

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