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Can’t find the time to hike? The (almost) fail-safe rule you need to follow

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Do you love hiking [or, insert favourite past-time here]? But you struggle to find the time to actually get out there and do it?

I have a rule that I follow to get me out there. One that almost never fails.

Want to know what that is?

I lock it in. I add the date and time to my diary and I make it happen.

I take a look at what else I’ve got on that week/day, and I work around it. Two hours on Wednesday morning, while your 4 year old is a kinder? Great! When you drop them off, already have your hiking shoes and comfy clothes on. Choose a trail that you can get to (and around) in the time you have – and do it!  You don’t live close enough to a trail?  Maybe there’s a lake, the beach, or somewhere else nice close by?

OK, so what happens if you put it in your diary, and something else comes up last minute?

Be honest with yourself – is this really preventing you from going for a hike? (I once missed a gym session because I had a sore finger. True story). If it is a valid reason, accept that it wont happen as planned – but put a new time/date in straight away. Do it right then and there – before something else comes up.

Go on…go and grab your diary now (or look at your electronic diary). Even if its for 1 or 2 weeks from now. Then lock in a date and time.

Then do what you need to do to make it happen.


Spring Hiking Trip Dates & Locations now confirmed!

Trip 1 – Great Ocean Walk, Ryans Den to Twelve Apostles
Saturday 19th September – Monday 21st September (arrive Friday 18th)

Trip 2 – Grampians
Saturday 3rd October – Sunday 4th October (arrive Friday 2nd)

Trip 3 – Great Ocean Walk, Apollo Bay to Blanket Bay
Saturday 17th October – Sunday 18th October (arrive Friday 16th)

I’m still working out the final details, so to register your interest (and be first to know once details are sorted), email Sam at

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