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I was asked this question in an email I received, and thought that other people might also find this useful.

How do you find bushwalking groups?

A few years ago when I was looking, it was really hard to find the information I wanted. Then I worried that everyone else would either be super fit hiking freaks, or ‘ahem’ a bit older than me. So I never did anything about joining a group, and instead just grabbed friends along the way to come with me (or went alone).

Quite a few people have been telling me lately that they’ve had great success in finding like minded people to join for a hike / bushwalk in their area by linking up with group walks on meetup. You add in what you’re looking for (which could be almost any interest at all by the look of it!), the area you’re interested in (for example Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast, or the Great Ocean Road) – and BAM – there’s a list of options for you.

I haven’t tried it myself yet (but plan to once I’m back from overseas), so I’d also love to hear from other people who’ve had success with this (or other places) in finding groups of people to go hiking or bushwalking with.

Happy Hiking!


I’m organising another charity walk early next year. You can get fit whilst doing something good for others – it’s a win-win! To stay up to date with the details, email me at and I’ll add you to the list.

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