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Book Review: Adventures on Earth

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What’s your favourite place?

And so we are led on a journey alongside Louise Southerden – award-winning travel writer – in her latest book ‘Adventures on Earth’.

“My favourite place? It’s an elusive thing, a hologram of a unicorn at the end of a rainbow. It may well be the next place I visit. For now, I offer you stories and images from the journey so far”


The journey so far includes such delights as a trekking and canoe journey through Madagascar (and one that’s far removed from the animated version we know), all ‘all-gal’ hike on the mighty John Muir trail into Yosemite, and sea kayaking adventures in both the Philippines and Hawaii.

Louise notes in her introduction that her passion is “ physically experiencing far-away lands, all the better to immerse myself in them and tread lightly on them”. All 20 journeys focus on actively experiencing, and getting close to the natural beauty of the places she visits.


Although Louise acknowledges that many of the places she’s visited are “adventures in wild, natural landscapes”, she invites us all to travel the same paths, with her gentle encouragement “these aren’t hard core adventures; they’re all trips just about anyone can do” and she provides useful links and contact details in the ‘Trip Notes’ section so we can all be inspired to follow in her footsteps…


Inspired? Yes I was.

Louise has a beautiful storytelling ability, that makes us readers feel like we are there alongside her, getting our feet wet in the warm waters of the muddy river in Madagascar. Her stunning photography left me hungry for more, and fuelled the desire for travel and new experiences deep in my belly. Not only do I have a new appreciation for adventure travel (it’s so much more than hiking!), I’ve now added another handful of places to my ‘must-see’ list.

This beautiful (and easy to navigate) e-book will have adventurers, dreamers, and wanderlusters rushing to book their next trip.


‘Adventures on Earth’ is the latest book from award-winning travel writer Louise Southerden, and includes a collection of her best-ever adventure travel stories, more than 300 of her images and a few video clips. This interactive e-book is now available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. To follow Louise (and find out where she’s going next), you can find her on her Blog, or on Facebook.


IMAGE CREDITS: All images are by Louise Southerden, and have been taken as screen shots from my iPhone for the purpose of this review only.


About the writer:

Sam Cook loves getting outside and going for a hike. She also loves to travel, meet new people, and experience all the world has to offer. She has recently introduced her 4 year old to hiking, and looks forward to the many adventures they’ll have together.

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