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Baby It’s Cold Outside – Bushwalking In Winter

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Brrr…it’s cold here in SW Victoria at the moment!

It’s so tempting to sit on the couch with a hot chocolate watching TV….BUT I’m here to tell you that hiking is possible (and can even be fun!) when it’s chilly outside. And while it can feel like it should be snowing…it’s not actually quite that cold…

Do you think I’m crazy?!

Here’s why you should hit the hiking trail – even though it’s Winter:

Layers – your best friend

Do you use the excuse that it’s too cold outside to go for a bushwalk? Well – by layering up (think a hat, gloves, several thin tops) you won’t even feel the cold! And, once you get warm, you can peel off the layers.


It’s simple really – as it’s colder you won’t sweat as much, so you won’t need to take as much water. Water is heavy (every litre weighs about 1kg!), so this is a big bonus for me personally!


Pale and freckly people – let’s unite! You won’t need to apply sunscreen every hour (and still sometimes get burnt anyway…).

Everyone else is at home

You won’t be out bushwalking with 1,000 of your best friends. Sometimes you’ll even have the trail to yourself…for those (like me) who seek solitude while out for a walk, you’ll love this one.

Shower (or bath) & a hot chocolate

After you’ve been out hiking, got nice and warm, trudged up some hills –you can come home and have a nice hot shower (or lounge around for a while in a bath) – and still have that hot chocolate!

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put on some layers and head outside for a walk….


My work with The Hunger Project Australia merges my love of hiking, with my greater purpose – to help others.  Find out more here about my work with them, and if you’d like to donate, please do so here.

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