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Anakie Gorge: Ted Errey Nature Circuit

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Last time I was here I didn’t have enough time to do this longer walk, so I was keen to come back and take it on. Listed as 8km, and 3-4 hours long, it took me just under 3 hours – which included plenty of photo stops and a solid (but not rushed) pace.

I parked at Anakie Gorge car park, and for the first 15 minutes or so, went along the same path that I took last time. Then there’s a sharp left to join the circuit walk. It’s well sign posted so you can’t miss it.

After joining the circuit there’s a steep uphill straight away – but, (like the nice bottle of red I’d opened the night before), it didn’t last long.

brisbane ranges hiking

Best seat in the house – Nelson Lookout

The trail notes describe it as ‘quite easy for the most part’ apart from the couple of sharp inclines – and it’s exactly that. The uphill (and downhill) parts are pretty rocky, and I found it a bit hard to find the track a couple of times (indicated by the blue square on the post), but I really enjoyed this walk. It’s not crowded, the scenery is varied and interesting (with a couple of dramatic lookouts), and there are lots of signs along the way with information on the track. It would be a great track for those wanting to get some k’s in the legs, without wanting to take on anything too challenging.

brisbane ranges hiking

Look for the Blue Squares

brisbane ranges hiking

Varied and interesting scenery

brisbane ranges hiking

Evidence of the devastating bushfires in 2006

The two picnic spots (Anakie Gorge & Stony Creek picnic areas) would be a lovely spot to have a picnic or BBQ, and (being Good Friday) there were quite a few big family groups doing just that. There’s even a covered area at Anakie Gorge picnic area, if you’re early enough to grab it.

I look forward to coming back in a couple of months when there’s (hopefully) been some rain.  Jumping across rocks over the creek’s would be fun when there’s actually some water in there!


Take a photo of the trail map sign – especially around the Aquaduct Track/Switch Road area I would’ve found it a bit tricky if I didn’t have the map to look at.

Extend the walk (only very slightly) and take the Nelson Lookout and Outlook side trips. The dramatic scenery is worth it. Just a word of warning – if you’re looking at the scenery, also look where you’re going – tripping over a rock right near the edge isn’t for the faint hearted! (trust me on this one).


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    i like the sound of this one… close by and short enough for the kids by the sounds of it. i am inspired!

    • Reply samlcook April 12, 2015 at 5:54 am

      It’s a great walk for the kids Peggy – just do the main trail (ie dont take the turn off for the Ted Errey Nature Circuit) and the kids will be fine!

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