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A Leadership Journey in Mexico

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Why hello there! I’m now back home after what can only be described as a life- changing trip (cliché I know, but it fits as well as an old worn out pair of jeans).

Some of you are gagging to hear all about it…and some of you still aren’t too sure why the heck I just lugged myself over to the USA and Mexico (leaving my four year old at home), put on hiking shoes, and trudged up a few mountains (we counted three).

Either way, I’ll sum it up for you. It was for the ‘Leadership & Immersion Program’ run by Business Chicks and The Hunger Project Australia (THP).

There were two parts to this program:


  1. It started with honing our own leadership skills by committing to fundraising a minimum of $10,000 that went directly to THP, so they can continue toward their mission to End World Hunger by 2030.
  1. We then travelled to Genova in Oaxaca Mexico to meet with the people from four different (and very remote) communities that have been working with THP for five years now. While there we attended a meeting where key people within the communities each took turns to share their vision with us. These are people that have stood up as leaders to bring their communities together and work towards their vision.
  1. The final part of this was a full day (and full on) workshop back in Mexico City where we worked on our own vision, and created action plans to help us reach it. This part was tough, and involved a lot of self discovery and soul searching.


  1. The only way to truly understand the challenges, what daily life looks and feels like in this remote part of Mexico – and also the importance of the vision of these communities (and the work of THP) is to be there. To hike that mountain/s, and meet with the people themselves.

I have so many stories to share, ones that will lift and inspire you, and open your eyes to what’s possible when people have a clear vision and work together in a cohesive way to make it happen. I will start to share them as soon as I get them transferred over from my journal, and into Blog posts.

So…much more to come soon!

Until then, Happy Hiking (while I do my best to recover from the dreaded jet lag….)

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