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5 Of The Best Instagram Hiking Pages

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Instagram is a place I love to go, hang out, and daydream. Less of a hungry beast than Facebook, I find it a friendly place to connect with others who love the same things as I do.

Those who know me won’t be surprised to know the top types of pages I go for: hiking, food, travel, and people/businesses doing good things to make our world a better place.

Today I’m sharing 5 Instagram pages I love to follow (that are hiking related):

  1. Lotsafreshair: Whenever I tell people I write a hiking blog, those in the know always tell me I must follow this blog (I do – and I love it!). As a self-confessed ‘unexpected outdoors chick’ Caro has a fresh and fun take on all things hiking.
  2. Although we’ve never met, Tracey is fairly local to me (based on the places we like to hang out) – I enjoy her chilled out vibe, and the way she just gets out there and gives it her best.
  3. 52 Hike Challenge: This page challenges you to hike at least once a week for 52 weeks and is worldwide (though most participants seem to be from the USA). I’ve come across some fab hikers by following this page, and really enjoy the supportive community feel.
  4. Yonder Washington: I’ve visited many places in the USA, but haven’t been to the North West (yet). I love the stunning images on this page, which have many times quite literally taken my breath away.
  5. National Park Geek: Once again, the photography on this page is phenomenal. They also have some shirts for sale that donates proceeds to the National Parks (big tick from me!).

So there you have it – I could go on for days with other pages I love, but these ones are up there as my fave’s.

If you have some others that you love – please share with me and I’ll be sure to check them out!

(Featured image taken on the Great Ocean Walk: Great Ocean Road)

Bio: Sam is a daydreamer, storyteller, and hiker.  She loves getting outside, and you’ll often find her on the bushwalking trails close to her hometown of Geelong.  You can follow along with her on Facebook  and Instagram.

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