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Surf Coast Walk….Winter in Victoria at it’s best

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surf coast walk

In case you missed my last Blog, on 13th September I’ll be hiking 40km in one day, as a fundraising effort for The Hunger Project Australia (to find out how you can join in too – head here). Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of shorter walks (10k’s and under), so it’s time to step it up a bit.

With this in mind (and after a car shuffle), we set off on Friday from Pt Addis, and finished up at Split Point Lighthouse in Airey’s Inlet – a total of 22.5km.

This part of the Surf Coast Walk takes you along the beach for about 4-5 km (in 2 parts), along the cliffs (the views!), and even inland for a little while. On Friday we were spoiled with beautiful blue skies and sunshine – it was chilly, but once we were moving we got warm pretty quickly!  Hiking in Victoria (in Winter) really doesn’t get any better than this.

I’ll let the views speak for themselves….

great ocean road

great ocean road

great ocean road IMG_5780 11539616_399897823526673_7670133222514659377_n


By about the 14km mark, I felt an overall tiredness – proof that I need to do a lot more of these longer walks before September. I didn’t have any soreness (which I put down to 2XU pants, and some BCAA’s I added in to my water), except for a sore right foot afterwards. My shoes are showing obvious signs of wear, and don’t fit as snuggly, so I put that down to lack of support from them. Even though I only got those shoes late last year, I’ve sure done a lot of km’s in them! Afterwards the overall feeling of tiredness continued, but it wasn’t too bad – it was more just an awareness that I’d gone further than I have for a while.

I feel so thankful that I have this amazing walk close to where I live – and I can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to share it with the others that’ve already signed up to join me on the 13th September! (at time of writing it’s 8 of us in total woo hoo)

great ocean road

Fundraising Event Details

Spring Hiking Retreats (where you get to experience the Surf Coast Walk or Great Ocean Walk for yourself!)

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