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Great Ocean Road – 4 day trip!

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Great Ocean Walk

So my trip this weekend means more than just a return to a ‘proper’ hike for me.

It’s been 11 years since I went on a multi day hike, and there was a long time that I thought I’d lost the desire to get out there on the trail – but it’s back in a BIG way!

My last big hike was Mt Washington in the US – it will take something pretty special to top that, but I reckon the Great Ocean Road is up for the challenge!

Doing my training leading up to this has reignited my love for hiking, and it seems the more I do, the more I can’t wait to do it some more.

Things I’m excited about:

  • Discovering (on foot) more of the amazing (and world famous) Great Ocean Road
  • Meeting new people – hearing their stories and sharing a fantastic experience with like minded people
  • The combined feeling of total exhaustion mixed with euphoria after an amazing day
  • Turning another year older on Monday knowing that I’m living life to the fullest and doing something I get a kick out of

Things I’m not as excited about:

  • Stinky socks
  • Blisters
  • Turning another year older on Monday

Whatever you’re up to this weekend – and whether or not you’re able to get out on the trails – have a fab one! To keep up with my trip, head to Instagram (samlcook), or wait till I get it out there with another Blog post! (if you can…)

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