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July 2015

Giving Back - Fundraising

Why I’m giving a Hand Up

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Yesterday I was on the first video call with The Hunger Project Australia (THP), and some of the ladies that will be joining me in Mexico. It was the first time we’d met, and as part of the call we each had the chance to share our reasons WHY we had chosen to take part […]

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Our Environment

Keep Australia Beautiful – How We Can All Help

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hiking trails

While wandering along the hiking trails it’s not uncommon for me to see rubbish that others have left behind. I’d give it a dirty look, wonder who would think that was ok, and keep walking. BUT while out with someone else recently, when we saw some rubbish she bent down and picked it up. She […]

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Multi-Day Hike / Bushwalk

A hike down memory lane

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I’ve been under the weather with the flu, and 3 days at home on the couch has led me where it usually does… …..daydreaming. Yesterday I spent looking up places in Mexico (I’m hoping for a few days somewhere beachside after my work with The Hunger Project. If you have any recommendations…hit me up). And […]

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